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Tennis academy Tempo was founded in 1992. Since then it has raised many tennis players that share a lifelong love for this beautiful sport, either as professionals, or just recreational tennis players that play during their free time. We have two convenient locations: Tennis areal Prague 4 Lhotka and Tennis areal Prague 4 Modřany.

Our tennis school operates all year long. It is divided into two seasons (September to January) and (February to June). In the winter months we play tennis with kids in our modern tennis indoor courts (pressurized pavilions), which all together cover 7 tennis courts. Over the summer holiday, we teach tennis based on the children’s and parent’s individual choices. In July and August we organize tennis camps in Písek, as well as local tennis camps in Prague right here at our tennis centre. Tennis lessons are divided into several levels. Presently, we have approximately 120 children that are enrolled in our tennis school. They are split up into groups of 2, 3, or 4 with children that are in a similar age group and level of advancement. Alternatively, we offer individual tennis lessons for one-on-one coaching.

For kids that love tennis and want to further devote themselves to the sport, we offer competitions for a wide age range of players. They can also represent our tennis club in competitions held by the Czech tennis association.

We trust that you will make use of our tennis school and that you will be pleased with our service.

We currently offer these forms of training

            •          School for kids: kids ages 3.5 - 7

Tennis school is designated for children that are in preschool and elementary school up to age 7. Kids are split up into groups of a maximum of 4 kids that meet during a time slot that works for everyone. Kids are introduced to tennis strategies and techniques. The point of this training is to teach children the basic tennis movements and the necessary skills needed in order to play tennis. Select children will be chosen to participate in the follow-up course minitennis.

For minitennis use mini nets, mini rackets, and softer tennis balls that have a shorter rebound.


            •          Minitennis: kids ages 5 and up

For children that are interested in tennis and wish to further devote themselves to the sport.

What is minitennis?

Minitennis is miniature tennis for 5 year olds. They play tennis like adults on “normal” courts. Minitennis is smaller and includes a lower net. Tennis balls are lighter and softer, and for playing, kids use smaller and lighter rackets.

            •          Individual and group courses: kids ages 7 and up

Tennis courses for all performance level categories. Players are divided up  into groups of 2 to 4 kids based on their age group and level of advancement. Kids will improve their tennis strategy and technique, and widen their capabilities of basic physical movements. Upon completion of the course, kids try playing their first real tennis match. Select children will be chosen to represent our tennis club in the master tennis matches held by the Czech tennis association.

            •          Individual courses: ages 7 and up

For players that take tennis seriously. Tennis training for players that want to quickly improve their tennis skills, or get rid of bad tennis habits from the past. Emphasis is concentrated on player’s individual needs; anywhere from strategy and technique, to physical and mental player preparation.

            •          Tennis camps

In the summer months we organize traditional summer tennis camps for kids in our tennis areal Lhotka or in Písek. During the months July and August we take place 3 summer tennis camps in Prague and one in Písek.

More information is available at the front desk, or by calling +420 736 401 113

Areál Lhotka

Areál Lhotka
Ve Lhotce 48
Praha 4, 147 00
tel.: +420 724 068 227
příp.: +420 602 357 316
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Areál Modřany

Areál Modřany
Povodňová 24
Praha 4, 143 00
tel.: +420 728 942 336
příp.: +420 602 357 316
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